Maum Meditation Open House and Lecture

Sat Feb 1, 2014 - Thu Dec 17, 2015
Multiple locations
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Everyone who is interested in mind, truth, meaning/purpose of life, psychology, health, and stress release is welcome to this introductory lecture. For almost an hour, the seminar will define clearly what is the mind and explain the method to come out from our false mind world and what it is to live as true mind.

Maum Meditation distinctly defines the mind as an accumulation of pictures stored within the body and mind. They are taken with the eyes, ears, nose, and body, and stored in the mind throughout life. The pictures mold us into the pattern of thinking, how we react, and habitual behavior that are not our true self.
Maum Meditation's step-by-step methods enable us to be free of the pictures - the stress, and to find our true life and purpose.

Benefits of Maum Meditation:
Guided sessions throughout each step
Being free from stress, anxiety, worry, anger, loss, regret, fear, depression, insomnia, resentment, loneliness
Physical and emotional improvements
Finding your true purpose
Achieving eternal happiness
Being more focused
Being present

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San Francisco Meditation
531 87th St
Daly City, CA
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Park Branch Library
1833 Page St
San Francisco, CA
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  1. San Francisco Meditation
    531 87th St , Daly City, CA
  2. Park Branch Library
    1833 Page St, San Francisco, CA