LB Steak San Jose Presents 8th Annual Poodles On Parade Benefit

Sun Jul 21, 2013
LB Steak
Noon - 2:00 pm
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LB Steak on Santana Row in San Jose presents, on Sunday, July 21, the 8th annual Poodles on Parade beginning at noon.

Guests will be able to watch pooch parents proudly parade their pets down the red carpet. The $10.00 registration fee will be donated to Hospice of the Valley's Pet Companion Program. Prizes will be awarded for categories including Best Dressed, Most Talented and Crowd Favorite.

There will be a stage and seating for spectators to enjoy the parade and participants will take home a complimentary portrait with their four-legged friend. Treats will be available for pets and humans. The restaurant will be open for regular hours and serve the regular menu on the day of the event.

Call (408) 244-1180 or email to [email protected] for information.

LB Steak
334 Santana Row, Suite 1000
San Jose, California, 95128
(408) 244-1180

Info about Hospice of the Valley Pet Companion Program

The Pet Companion Program at Hospice of the Valley is a complimentary service offered to patients to help them feel more at ease. It arranges for vaccinated, well-trained and behaved dogs to visit patients in their homes and skilled nursing and residential care facilities. Pet Companion dogs have completed the American Kennel Club (AKC®) Canine Good Citizen Program and are able to cope with whatever is going on around them and their visits enhance a patient’s day. A dog can act as a conduit to disseminate information or assess how a patient is feeling on a particular day; and at times patients feel more comfortable telling a dog how they are feeling—not remembering a handler is in a room. Dogs are fluffy, comforting, warm, non-judgmental, and offer a calming presence. Hospice of the Valley is able to offer this program to patients thanks to volunteers and donors. 100% of the Pet Companion Program funding is derived through fundraising.

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