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Bankruptcy Lawyer / Personal Injury Attorney
Serving San Jose, Gilroy, Santa Clara, Bay Area California

Bankruptcy law is primarily federal law directed at providing a fresh start in the form of debt relief for debtors. Bankruptcy law provides two basic forms of relief: (1) liquidation- Chapter 7 bankruptcy where the debts are usually liquidated, eliminated and discharged and (2) rehabilitation, also known as reorganization- Chapter 13 bankruptcy where a proposal for a payment by the debtor is presented to the bankruptcy trustee. However, most bankruptcies filed in California involve liquidation, which is governed by Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. Bankruptcy attorneys at the bankruptcy law office of Goffrey C. Nwosu are trained and experienced to help you file chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy in San Jose bankruptcy division, Santa Clara County, California.

Stop Forclosure / Prevent Car Repo / Stop Wage Garnishments
Eliminate Debt / Stop Lawsuits


San Jose Personal Injury Attorneys and Bay Area Car Accident Lawyers

A serious injury or life changing event, or even a life ending event may result from a simple trip to the mall, store, work, or even church to worship god. At the Law Office of Geoffrey Nwosu, Our San Jose Campbell personal injury attorneys and Bay area Ca car accident lawyers understand that an injury or wrongful death from deadly accident can have severe consequences on a person and his relatives. We work together as a team to ensure that the burden on you and your loved ones is not too great to bear alone. Insurance companies and their attorney’s may fight to reduce your recovery. It is our job to work strongly and aggressively for you and recover all entitlements that the law will allow. Our attorney’s are trained to solve complex legal concerns.

Motorcycle / Bicycle Accident / Pedestrialn Accident Injury / Soft Tissue Injury
Truck and Bus Accident / Slip and Fall - Premises