540 Howard St, San Francisco , CA
+1 415.278.0495
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Situated in the heart of Temple Nightclub in San Francisco, KI is a modern take on a tried-and-true Japanese establishment: the venerable izakaya. In these times of climate change, resource scarcity, and consumer confusion, we must reconsider our behavior and question old paradigms. Ki is the izakaya for the 21st Century: comfortable yet chic, delicious yet sustainable and unafraid to challenge the status quo. Through innovation, creativity and the betterment of the planet, KI is the world’s first izakaya that is designed to be conscious of a greater purpose.

Ki offers San Francisco residents an opportunity to experience a modern, educated interpretation of classic Japanese fare. Sushi, yakitori, and other classic izakaya dishes are reinvented through the lenses of sustainability and local/seasonal awareness, bringing the allure and delicacy of this popular cuisine to the SOMA community while offering a eco-sensitive experience.

Lunch - 11:30am-2pm (Tuesday-Friday)
Izakaya Happy Hour - 5pm-7pm (Tuesday-Friday)
Dinner - 5pm-10pm (Tuesday - Friday)
Dinner - 6pm-10pm (Saturday)
Sundays - Closed
Mondays - Closed

The Happiest Hours: 5-7pm (Tuesday - Friday)
Featuring: Half off our house cocktails, $5 well drinks, $3 draft beers, and a $3.50 sushi & Izakaya menu.



  • Ki Sushi

  • It's raining! Stay warm with a bowl of our delicious Udon Noodle Soup!
  • May's here, and graduation is right around the corner! Which of our menu items do you order when you feel like celebrating?
  • We're feeling really poetic today. Who can come up with a good haiku about one of our menu items?