Julien Schuster: Engravings from Normandy

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Artist Reception: August 18, 4:00-6:00 pm

About Julien Schuster: Engravings from Normandy
This exhibition features engravings from images carved into linoleum and printed on a vintage press. In order to get different colors and textures, the engraving may be printed as many as seven times. In addition, each work is hand colored by the artist. The old French port city of Honfleur and the countryside of Normandy are the inspiration for many of the engravings. Depictions of wine, wind, rain, plants and animals, as well as architecture, are reminiscent of the region.

About the Artist
Julien Schuster is a French artist – illustrator and engraver – born in 1972 in Enghien-Les-Bains in the Val d’Oise (Ile de France) region. Early in his career he drew theater sets for children and trained in silk screen printing. He passionately enjoys “interrogating” everyday objects and transforming them through his overflowing imagination. About him, journalist Pauline Brehat wrote, “Lover of life, a sweet dreamer nevertheless well anchored on earth, Julien Schuster wants to create beauty and bring a light touch to daily life. His colorful works are marked by tenderness, humility, naivety, gaiety, poetry, fantasy, talent.”

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