Joan and the Rivers

Thu Oct 23, 2014
The Caravan Lounge
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Suddenly Joan and the Rivers--still an amazing band name--evokes a little sadness now with the passing of the late, great Joan Rivers. But that's ok, the band continues on, and their latest tune, "Bum City,: has more poppy catchiness to it than any of their prior doom-metal-garage-punk tunes of the past. It's an off-kilter, shufflin' blues-rock tune that's got the same odd goofy quality to it as their other songs, just not in an overtly outer-spacey, psychedelic package. To get an idea of these guys' weird sense of humor, simply read the titles of their EPs: Pizza Foam, Chupacabra, Nilbog--that last one is a reference to Troll 2, which is hands down the best movie ever made. Locals Rex Goliath and Monterey's El Camino Sutra also play. (Aaron Carnes)



  1. The Caravan Lounge
    98 Almaden Ave, San Jose, CA