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My goal is to help you take charge of your health and feel vibrantly alive. I believe that you should be treated as a whole and energetic being. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, but injury, stress, and the toll of our hurried, urban lives can all cause blockages in this natural healing ability.

With acupuncture, bodywork, and Chinese herbal medicine, we can restore your body's natural intelligence to relieve you from pain, injury, and chronic illness; alleviate digestive imbalance, stress, fatigue, and anxiety; achieve reproductive health and regularity; and by doing so, help you feel mentally clear and rejuvenated.

I am proud of these testimonials from satisfied clients:

"...after I visited Jeremy I found my entire body was realigned and healthier. I felt more myself in every sense of the word. Now it seems foolish to go anywhere else."
Rebecca, Berkeley, CA

"I feel exuberant health and energy. Walking feels now like dancing. Thank you."
Anka, San Francisco, CA

"Jeremy is not only one of the most conscious, kind-hearted and caring persons I've ever met in the wholistic health care field - Heck! "anywhere" for that matter - but certainly one of the most talented and sensitive as well."
Bob, Petaluma, CA