International Data Solutions, Inc.

1 Dowitcher, East Bay , CA
510 337-0995
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A leading managed solution provider, offshore software developer, and telecommunications provider. Partial isting of services includes: wide area transport; 24x7 managed network/equipment monitoring with 4 hours, 8 hours and next business day options for on-site support; telecom carrier coordination; telecom carrier billing resolution, in-country telecom carrier assistance; equipment configuration, IP PBX, VoIP and switched/dedicated voice services. Also, in-country dial-tone from the US to provide you with US competitive rates while overseas....while in-country, you dial a preassigned US phone number, then hang-up after it rings (before it answers) and our system dials you back with US dialtone and US rates to then dial your desired party anywhere in the world based upon the US's lower rates.