I'm Living in the Eighties

Event has passed (Fri Oct 3, 2014 - Sun Nov 2, 2014)
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Seeing Things Gallery will be showing love for the decade that birthed MTV and saw hip-hop and punk become serious cultural forces, with the opening of I'm Living In The Eighties.

Christine Benjamin is curating the exhibit and will be showing her work as well--a mix of cloth dolls and illustrations of '80s icons, like Cyndi Lauper and Pee-wee Herman. She will be joined by three other artists: Murphy Adams, who has a naive and intentionally childlike illustration style; Shauna Peterson, an illustrator and lover of popular culture; and Kat Toronto, a costume designer and surrealistic photographer.


Seeing Things Gallery
30 N. Third St
San Jose, CA
Event has passed



  1. Seeing Things Gallery
    30 N. Third St, San Jose, CA