Fred Raker's New Solo Comedy

How to Make Your Bitterness Work for You

from the man who wrote and performed the acclaimed show "It Could Have Been A Wonderful Life"

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      Self-help guru Kent Underwood's book, "How to Make Your Bitterness Work for You," has been turned down by 86 publishers. He's so desperate for success that he leaves his cell phone on during his seminar to get his agent's text messages regarding a potential book deal. Along the way, other text messages come in, including his mother complaining that he never calls her because he's too busy doing his stupid seminar. It's through these texts that we start to get glimpses of Kent’s tortured past, like how his wife’s affair with his best friend precipitated the writing of his patent-pending, five-step Bitterness to Betterness Program. And yes, there really are five steps, everything from "Don't Ignore Your Bitterness, Explore Your Bitterness" to “Don’t Let Past Bitterness Become Bitterness Repast.” As the bitterness train chugs towards its final destination, we can’t help but wonder: Will Kent finally make his bitterness work for him? And how bitter will we be if he succeeds?

Fred began his career as a stand-up comedian in New York City, often sharing the stage at The Comic Strip Live and Catch a Rising Star with Jerry Seinfeld and Paul Reiser. After two years, he relocated to LA where he worked as a staff writer for the ABC-TV late-night comedy/variety series "Fridays," which featured Michael Richards and Larry David. He later became a staff writer for the "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." Fred currently lives in San Francisco and, after studying solo performance with Charlie Varon at The Marsh, he wrote and performed his own full- length solo comedy, "It Could Have Been A Wonderful Life," which ran in November and December for five consecutive years and played LA as well. He is once again collaborating with director Kimberly Richards, who is also a fine actress, traveling the country in the role of Sister in the highly-successful “Late Night Catechism” franchise.

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