The Hounds Below

Wed Feb 5, 2014
The Blank Club
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Jason Stollsteimer was never known to be a tortured artist. His old band, the Von Bondies, were a fun rock & roll band, part of the early 2000s garage-rock revival alongside the Strokes and the White Stripes. But toward the end of the decade, as they fizzled out, he focused on a darker solo project he called "Jason and the Hounds Below," which sounded like a cross between early Against Me folk-punk and '50s rockabilly-he describes it as his "straight up tormented Roy Orbison" project.

At the time he was going through a divorce and dealing with the frustration of the Warner Brothers label representatives pushing the Von Bondies to sound more "emo."

The new project mutated into the Hounds Below, a four-piece mellow post-punk, indie-rock band that released You Light Me Up In The Dark in 2012, but have since evolved into a harder, heavier and once again fun rock & roll trio.

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