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We specialize in selling ESD Products such as ESD  rubber mat ,ESD lab coats, ESD jackets, ESD smocks ,ESD chair, ESD wrist strap,ESD foot grounder, ESD tweezer, ESD brush, ESD bottle, ESD box ect. We also supply the high  temperature tapes at high quality and best price  such as polyimide(kapton ) tape , teflon tape and PET tapes ect.

Our factory also manufacture High Intensity induced 1-5 Roll Magnetic Separators. These all-purpose magnetic separators purify free-flowing powders and granular material or concentrate and reclaim products in such materials. It also protects processing equipment such as grinders, crushers, rolls etc. Against tramp iron damage. It's rugged construction is ideal for separating ferrous metal from material such as shredded cars, slag, crushed ore and ash at mass burn plants, in foundries recycling plastic, aluminuium and glass. Ferrous metal is magnetically drawn out of the material feed, held against the revolving shell, and released when it reaches a discharge point beyond the magnetic field.