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Great Escapes

Five places that make you feel like youíve left San Jose

San Jose Municipal Rose Garden
Naglee Avenue and Dana Avenue 408.277.5422
Itís not quite Versailles, but one need not travel quite that far to find a nice little garden escape. Bring a blanket, pick up a picnic lunch from Zanottoís down the street and admire the rare rose species that adorn the sun-drenched lot. But watch out! $500 fine if for picking the roses.

Alum Rock Park
16240 Alum Rock Avenue
Enter the world of Narnia at the stateís very first municipal park: Alum Rock. There are many secrets to be found at this park, including mineral springs, caves and the infamous ďEagle rock.Ē Wildlife is plentiful in this area so donít be surprised if you run into the occasional hawk or deer.

Penitencia Creek Park and Trail
3050 Berryessa Road 408.277.2757
Low key place with a lagoon looking duck pond and runner friendly trails. Expansive area to fly kites, have a picnic or throw a Frisbee after work. Itís a happy community park, with just the right amount of people.

Almaden Quicksilver County Park
21785 Almaden Rd 408.268.3883
Cross wood bridges and navigate narrow turns as you venture into a different world. Mostly undeveloped, the park boasts many beautiful valleys and big views of the city. For more than 100 years, the place was a mercury mine, and there are still some artifacts hidden away on the property, if youíre up for a little adventure.

Los Gatos Creek Trail
1250 Dell Avenue
The 9.7 mile stretch is a bustling connection line but dodging people can sometimes be nicer than dodging cars. Mostly paved, this trail runs from San Jose to Los Gatos, under cottonwoods and through parks, and makes a bucolic mid-day escape. Another plus: a connection to the Guadalupe River Trail is being finalized, adding to the web of foot highways that quietly traverse our city.