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Dr. Ginny Estupinian is a licensed clinical psychologist serving the greater San Jose CA bay area.  She specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma. Dr. Estupinian has over a decade of experience assisting individuals who are in different phases of their lives and facing a major life crisis.  No personal situation is too small or too large for her to address.  Some clients have sought her assistance to deal with life events that range from anxiety and depression following a significant change or challenge, including work and career-related stress, college and performance stress, relationship issues and divorce, lawsuits, and other troubling legal issues.  Others have sought her support and abilities to treat the inpact from major trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Dr. Estupinian also provides CBT processing groups that address anxiety and depression, women's issues and support caretakers of senior parents.  Ginny Estupinian has the training and experience utilizing the latest technology and protocols to help her clients effectively address mood disorders, sleep problems,  panic attacks,  and severe depression.   These include using neuropsychological and psychological assessments, CBT, meditation and breath protocols,  virtual reality and biofeedback and neurofeedback. For over a decade, Dr. Estupinian worked as part of an integrated medical team at the county hospital.  As such, she is experienced and able to effectively communicate with all of the client's health providers to ensure a comprehensive approach to their treatment.