Forks & Corks

Sun Apr 14, 2013
San Francisco Film Center
11:30am - 3pm
Wine, City Events



A pairing of 80+ Sonoma County wines from more than 30 of Sonoma’s leading wineries with dishes from five popular
San Francisco food trucks. Wine tasting AND a selection of five dishes are INCLUDED in ticket price.

Sunday, April 14, 2013 | 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
San Francisco Film Centre
39 Keyes Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94129

Little Green Cyclo (Vietnamese)

Little Green Cyclo has been bringing fresh, delicious, Vietnamese street food to the greater Bay Area for the past year. The founders -- Chef Quynh Nguyen, Monica Wong and Susie Pham -- can be found serving up a menu that showcases all the great flavors of Vietnam. Their menu is seasonal with specials offered weekly that ‪include vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options‬. Thanks to all the love from our customers, we were voted Bay Area’s #1 food truck in the Chase Sapphire’s 2011 Eaters’ Choice Awards & we were rated as one of the top 12 Bay Area food trucks by Zagat.

Tres Truck (Mexican)

TRES’ mission is to help you discover the wonders of Jalisco, Mexico. From the food, to the music, to the extraordinary products that derive from the amazing agave plant – they are so passionate about the gifts that this region of the world provides. They want you to experience them as well, which is why they try to bring a bit of Jalisco to you. Their restaurant was inspired by the street-food carts they love to frequent in Arandas Jalisco and they are excited to now be able to share that same experience with you!

Liba Falafel (Mediterranean)

LIBA is, at heart, a falafel bar. After finding inspiration in the falafel shops of Amsterdam, we wanted to deliver the same ingenuity, accessibility, and flavor intensity to the streets of the Bay Area. Serving real food is important to us. We make our falafel fresh every day, and along with our salads, soups, and desserts we prepare everything at our commissary kitchen in the East Bay. We navigate our buying choices by searching for local ingredients, allowing us to support California farmers, provide fantastic food, and contribute to your health…all in one fell swoop.

Sanguchon (Peruvian)

A mobile Peruvian food truck base in San Francisco, serving hearty sandwiches stuffed with classic and contemporary Peruvian ingredients, traditional sides and housemade "refrescos"- freshly blended fruit drinks in flavors such a passion fruit and purple corn. Sanguchon combines the experience of two worlds: one of eating satisfying "street food," and the other of enjoying high-quality ingredients and professional service that you find at a fine restaurant. Sanguchon brings them both to your front door.

Pacific Puffs (Cream Puffs)

Pacific Puffs is dedicated to offering premium, home-baked style cream puffs using only the finest fresh local ingredients. Their handcrafted puffs have been perfected over decades as an old family recipe and are baked daily using their signature small batch baking method to ensure the highest quality. They will remain focused on freshness, customer service and quality in bringing their gourmet food and beverage products to local residents and tourists alike.



  1. San Francisco Film Center
    39 Mesa Street, Suite 107, San Francisco, CA