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ForgeFX is a simulation and real-time 3D software development company based in San Francisco, California. We provide custom application development services for clients looking to create PC-based interactive simulation and training applications, using high-fidelity 3D graphics. Our clients compete in the aerospace, transportation, construction, healthcare, education, and pharmaceutical industries.

ForgeFX creates realistic interactive 3D simulations that give your target audience — employees, consumers, or students — the ability to learn effectively while reducing physical and financial risks. We provide custom-developed interactive simulations to our clients. Whether you are trying to educate, train, inform, or entertain; interactive 3D simulations fully engage users, transforming them from a passive audience to an active participant in the learning process.

For equipment operation training, in addition to the strength of experiential learning, there are benefits from a business perspective that interactive 3D simulations bring to the table. At the top of the list is cost savings. Training with real-world equipment, supplies, and personnel is often prohibitively expensive. These costs can be reduced by adding simulation-based training to a curriculum. In a struggling economy it is more important than ever for businesses to be as efficient as possible, and 3D simulations can help by offsetting the rising cost of fuel and materials.

For equipment sales, including a simulator along with your product offering boosts sales. A simulator supports your pre-sales efforts by allowing you to demonstrate your product virtually. Also, bundling a simulator with your product provides an competitive advantage over those who don't. The bottom line, which is easy to overlook, is that the cost to produce and offer a simulator, which increases sales, is trivial in comparison to your overall equipment production costs.