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Fletcher Benton: In Motion

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Drawing from the collections of the de Saisset Museum and the Fletcher Benton Studio, Fletcher Benton: In Motion features a selection of the artist's kinetic works, made during the 1960s and 1970s. Among his best-known pieces, the kinetic works utilize a formal vocabulary—his attention to shape, color, and line reflect his artistic beginnings as a painter—and speak to his ongoing interest in time and movement.
Spanning more than a decade, the objects included in this small-scale kinetic retrospective represent multiple directions of exploration for Benton. While each sculpture incorporates motion, they do so in varying ways. In some works, the kinetic movement follows a clearly discernible arrangement; in others the pattern of motion is so complex it appears to be random; while in another the change over time is so slow it is almost imperceptible. Regardless of how the works transform, they share the same visual language and aesthetic principles that continue to characterize Benton's work today. As such, they not only mark an important creative direction in the artist's portfolio, but lay the foundation for the sculptures and maquettes on view in the concurrent exhibition, Fletcher Benton: The Artist's Studio.

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