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In a clairvoyant reading, also known as a psychic or intuitive reading, Kim will look at your aura and the layers of your chakras for ‘pictures’, for the stories you are carrying with you energetically. With the insight gained in a reading you can begin to release these pictures and let go of your story, stepping in to a space where you can become your most empowered self.

Why a clairvoyant reading:

Are you feeling stuck, repeating the same patterns over and over, having issues with relationships, communication, finding your path?
These blocks can come from parental, cultural, religious or societal programming, from limited beliefs (I’m not worthy, etc.), from patterns adopted at an early age that no longer suit you, from past lives.
Energy readings help clear the blocks you find in your life, to abundance, to romance, in work and relationships, in communicating your needs and desires, and help you clear the clutter from the past so you can enjoy the present and step confidently in to your future.

Find the clarity you seek and take back your power. What clairvoyance is not: It can not tell you the future or what you should do. What it can do is help you heal reveal your highest truth, to facilitate letting go of outside energies that do not belong to, letting go of the things that no longer serve you.