Hell on Wheels presents

Fear Oaks Haunt

Halloween Screams Scary Dark Creepy Haunted House Woods on Fair Oaks

Event has passed (Fri Oct 29, 2010 - Sun Oct 31, 2010)
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What do YOU think lurks in the dark woods at night? Find out if you’re right.

800 sq ft of terror for adults and older children. Animated and static props and live actors bring our darkest night fears to life to multiple "woods" settings. The owners believe in a complete experience of sights, sounds and smells. YOU WILL BE SCARED!

The haunt is a fundraiser for the Young People’s Teen Musical Theatre Company * and the teens will perform “Thriller” in zombie costume each night to open the haunt.

*YPTMTC is a program of the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department

FEAR OAKS is a production Hell on Wheels. Established in 2010, Hell on Wheels is a haunted entertainment resource, creating year-round events. Hell on Wheels is available to design, build and/or consult for your venue or to build a mobile haunt experience on semi-trailers for larger venues. These services are available to home-haunters, schools, and event planners.

Haunt themes change each year and incorporate live actors, animatronics and gory scenes to create eerie thrills for adults and older children.

For more information call 415.652.1714 or email: [email protected]

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Fear Oaks
346 Fair Oaks Street
San Francisco, CA
Event has passed



  1. Fear Oaks
    346 Fair Oaks Street, San Francisco, CA