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Erik Davis:

Nomad Codes

Tue Dec 7, 2010
City Lights Bookstore
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Nomad Codes collects the major essays and journalistic work of a writer on the edge where technology, mysticism, literature, and art meet. His essays are drawn from over ten years of work culled from such sources as the Village Voice, Wired, Salon, and Slate. The subjects include: H.P. Lovecraft, The Technofreak Legacy of Golden Goa; Tantric psychedelia, the Klingon language, UFO Epistemology, Peter Lamborn Wilson, and My Date with a Burmese Tranvestite Spirit Medium.

Erik Davis is a writer, lecturer, award-winning journalist, and occasional performer. He penned the cult classic Techgnosis: Myth and Magic in the Age of Information, along with Led Zeppelin IV and The Visionary State: A Journey through California's Spiritual Landscape. He has contributed to over a dozen collections, and also wrote the libretto for the rock operaHow to Survive the Apocalypse. He hosts Expanding Mind, a weekly show on the Progressive Radio Network ( He is currently pursuing a PhD in Religious Studies, and can be found online at



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