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Since last year, the considerable LED lighting demand has grown more than 200%. Without the slightest doubt, the replacement by LED bulbs and led tubes has stired up a revolution in the market.

It is important to take into account when shopping LED light bulbs the efficiency they provide, considering the energy efficiency and the resulting saving in the electric bill. We are living a delicate economic situation, in which we have to try to save money and find products with good quality-cost relationship.

From our own experience, we recommend trying the model you want to acquire before replacing all the light bulbs and investing so much money, since the investment may not worthwhile.

If you want to buy LED tubes or high quality LED light bulbs, the best ones are those which contain the Epistar, Sharp or Cree chip, due to their astonishing quality of light and their great brightness. Thanks to their high degree of opening and light amplitude, we can obtain the perfect light, avoiding shadows depending on the separation between them, and also according to each different room, getting the best lighting and an appreciable saving.

Besides, with multifunctional smart LED lighting, such as RGB, changes in brightness and colour are allowed.

The dichroic halogen lamps are the most used at houses, apartments, offices and commercial offices. To replace them the best choice is the MR16 or GU10 base light bulbs, with COB chip consuming 5W, giving more light than a conventional halogen light bulb, whose consumption is 50W. The cheapest price saving is immensely greater when it comes to this type of lighting. There are other dimmable models with dimmer for LED lighting, they adjust the amount of light in any room, but do not forget that if you are going to buy dimmable LED bulbs, you will need a special LED dimmer. Otherwise, its operation would not be the correct one.

If your purpose is to change your traditional light bulbs with the classic E27 or E14 base, we also have the solution. We have several models of LED lighting, from the classic bulbs to the candle LED, ideal for ceiling lamps. You will find all the information on our website, or call us if you require more information.

Our group of professionals will help you to choose the best model according to your needs, always trying to offer the best price.