El Jardin Tequila Bar & Restaurant

368 Santana Row, San Jose , CA
+1 408.246.1744
El Jardin Tequila Bar & Restaurant Website
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El Jardin Tequila Bar & Restaurant is proof that the gods of tequila love us all very, very much. Sister to Consuelo Mexican Bistro, this Santana Row bar and restaurant features a fabulous selection of tequilas, ranging from blancos to añejos, that can be used in their expertly mixed cocktails or enjoyed on their own. The tapas-style menu of small dishes offers a bit of welcomed sustenance that patrons can enjoy while watching the throngs of Santana Row shoppers go by.


If you ever find yourself questioning whether or not there's a divine being watching over us and if said being wants us to be happy, simply remember the immense selection of tequila at El Jardín Tequila Bar & Restaurant (happily brought to you by the proprietors of Consuelo Mexican Bistro). From sharp, almost peppery reposados to smooth, woody añejos, this Santana Row garden bar features a heavenly selection of 100% blue agave tequila and a mind-boggling list of cocktails that prove you can enjoy your tequila without the lick-sip-bite method. A tapas-style menu of flavorful treats accompanies the list of drinks.

This tequila bar and restaurant is unlike its upper-crusty counterparts on the Row. El Jardin feels like a vacation to Mexico, where visitors can chose from a wide selection of pure agave tequila under the palm trees while being serenaded by a mariachi band on Sundays and live music on most nights. A tapas-style menu of flavorful treats accompanies the list of drinks.


2009 BEST OF SILICON VALLEY Reader Survey Winner - Third Place
Best Margarita