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560 Vienna St., San Francisco , CA
+1 415.669.4701
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Home & Garden, Landscaping & Yard Maintenance
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We specialize in design and planning of beautiful, productive and permanent food systems for the homes and businesses of the San Francisco Bay Area.  We also install and maintain  gardens in the city.

We are a permaculture based landscaping company. Food systems of amazing complexity and beauty are uniquely established according to each site's culture and climate. By stacking functions and closing the loop, maximum level of biodiversity is built up to meet the full potential of food production, allowing year-round yields and a fresh looking garden space. 

We specialize in....
Food forest systems
Apiary installation and bee keeping training
Mushroom cultivation
Backyard orchard stewardship
Medicinal herbs
Aviary design and poultry care
Pond and constructed aquatic habitat
Hardscape designs
*Consultation and design planning*

Much can be grown in the maritime climate of our beautiful Bay Area. Connect with Edible Earth Designs to create long lasting, ecologically vibrant systems to enrich the world around you!