ELSEE Fundraiser

"Eating California" Summer Solstice Festival

Sat Jun 22, 2013
California Native Garden Foundation - Middlebrook Gardens
6PM - 10PM
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Another "Eating California" Event!

Date: Saturday, June 22, | Time: 6 to 10 pm, | Place: The Middlebrook Center, 76 Race Street San Jose, CA | Cost: $75 + wine

Please mark your calendar for our Spring Internship Fundraiser! This tasty event will be something for your flowers to write home about, so please join us at our Summer Solstice dinner, wine tasting and silent auction, taking place at Middlebrook Center (76 Race Street in San Jose), on June 22, from 6-10 pm!

This year's dinner will feature native freshwater fish such as: Sacramento perch, California crawdads, and sturgeon. In honor of our ELSEE mascot, we'll be savoring elk for the evening plus many other foods grown here in the garden.

Chef Tess Middlebrook, who you may have seen on the Food Network's CHOPPED, and Chef Matthias Froeschl, of Naschmarkt Restaurant in Campbell will be creating recipes for our buffet dinner, which promises to be our most creative offering to date. They will be using all native California ingredients to create their signature recipes, designed specifically for THIS event; some of their inspiration will come from elderflowers, chia seeds, mesquite flour, collards, quail bush, prickly pears, walking onions, arugula, peas, and New Zealand spinach.

Our interns will be serving and hosting the Summer Solstice dinner, wine tasting, and silent auction. To recognize their hard work, they'll have the opportunity to share with YOU what they've be doing at ELSEE this year. Let's make this dinner one special evening. Please reserve a place at YOUR Eating California table. All proceeds go to helping our Internship program flourish, which keeps ELSEE and its mission moving forward!

So, taste some wine, learn about the environment, and "eat California" at our Summer Solstice dinner!

Your flowers will thank you!

Tickets to the event are on sale now for $75 per person including the gourmet meal. Wine tasting and wine purchase of sustainable local wine will be available at an additional charge. Please reserve early as our garden seating is limited. Register online now.

- Thank you from the California Native Garden Foundation. We look forward to seeing you at this very special occasion.

Read Full Release at: http://middlebrookcenter.com/elsee/

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