Counseling - Psychotherapy with Joseph Bentz, MFT Intern #IMF56653

6536 Telegraph Ave. Suite B-205, Oakland , CA
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INTEGRATED PSYCHOTHERAPY  -  MIND-BODY-SPIRIT  --  I provide counseling to individuals, couples and families that: ** focuses directly on the goals and needs of the client; ** is led precisely by the client's own experience and sensitive exploration of their entire nature - mind, body, and spirit - and their capacities; ** eases pain, suffering and discomfort in a deep and fundamental way; ** leads to profound healing, revitalization and renewal; ** integrates traditional "talk" therapy with newer "somatic" approaches - working with the body, mind, and spirit. These centers are all continuously involved in our on-going life. Including the body's experiences in counseling can quicken and vitalize the process of healing and growth.
Issues that can be addressed include: the impact of recent or historical trauma - physical and emotional abuse, chronic pain, eating issues and disorders, depression, grief, addictions, relationship issues, codependency, meaning and purpose of life.