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85 Redding Rd., Campbell , CA
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Team Building Cooking Class with Chef Emile:

The program begins with an introduction by Emile correlating the restaurant business, teamwork, and how it relates to others. He has been in this industry for 56 years, and is a respected teacher in Culinary arts. He is a charismatic teacher and will add some humor to make it fun. Once the program is clear to everyone, Emile will break participants into groups and give them specific tasks to complete. Under his guidance, they will work together in a professional kitchen to create this meal. Groups rotate, and people will help one another to achieve success. Once the preparation is completed, the group will sit down together with Emile, pour some wine, and begin bringing out the plated courses for each other, course by course. The entire experience will last between 3-4 hours, depending on the start time. If your company has specific goals in mind that aren’t necessarily covered in our program, we can include them in our instructi