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We’re California and the nation's Trusted Financial Aid and Funding Consultants. The College Money Pros have helped hundreds of working families successfully get all their kid's through college in a comfortable manner without depleting their savings, extending their retirement or going into major parent and student loan debt.  The California San Francisco Bay Area College Money Pros Network can help your family whether you are just starting to save for college, saved some money but need to accumulate more, or are in the late stage college planning process (high school students).  We will help you navigate and access your piece of the billions of dollars available for your family. CODE OF ETHICS

Even if you think you make to much money to qualify for aid, we will help guide your family to the thousands of dollars of free money at the end of the rainbow.

We offer a comprehensive approach to college planning and student counseling. Our staff are highly experienced with all areas of college life, college financing, and the many obstacles that often hinder those new to the process involved with a college education. READ MORE