Coit Tower

1 Telegraph Hill Blvd., San Francisco , CA
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Mon-Sun (10am-6pm)
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It is a matter of historical record that the Coit Tower art project was the prototype for the decade of the New Deal art that followed, 1933-43, halted finally by World War II. Utilizing carefully selected artistic talent, the project provided an iconography of the "American Scene" for the largest of all the art programs at that time, the Works Progress Administration's Federal Art Project (WPA-FAP) which followed a year after the PWAP.

The themes of agriculture, education, urban and rural life, social protest, and New Deal Idealism established at Coit Tower were to become the subsequent subjects of those same artists and of others who took up paintbrushes and sculptors' tools under further government-sponsored art programs throughout the nation.

Elevator to the top
$3.75 for adults 13-64
$2.50 for seniors 65+
$1.50 for children 6-12

The great view is worth the price.