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Luxury and Exotic Car Rental in the San Francisco Bay Area
Imagine arriving at the nightclub in a Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5, pulling up to a wine tasting event in Napa in a Ferrari 458 Italia, gliding down a coastal highway in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with the top down.

This California luxury car rental company’s private, multimillion-dollar car collection includes some of the most enviable cars in the world. Many of the cars featured for rent are the same spotted for sale at Los Gatos Luxury Cars in Silicon Valley, but every automobile enthusiast knows that owning a collector car can be complex, and expensive. As the most affordable exotic car rental company in Northern California, Club Sportiva allows everyone to drive a dream without having to spend the contents of their 401k.

The Ultimate Exotic Car Tour
Is one thrilling ride not enough? The Exotic Car Tours with Club Sportiva is the ultimate way to enjoy the thrill of being behind the wheel of several of the world’s finest cars. For this experience, auto enthusiasts come together for a few hours of driving various cars on a scripted ride along mountain and coastal highways, stopping every 30 minutes or so to switch cars and everyone the ability to experience each luxurious car. A chance to chat with the other members and relax comes with a mid-adventure stop for lunch. With the versatility and all-encompassing experience of this auto adventure, the Exotic Car Tour is much like going wine tasting – members get to enjoy all the benefits of each sip without having to commit to the final purchase.

The Exotic Car Tour also makes a great idea for employee appreciation days or corporate executive retreats. Anyone with a valid license is welcome to indulge in the experience, even if they’re not members of Club Sportiva. With all of the possibilities for employee bonding, there are few that will generate such breathless appreciation as a day spent enjoying the Exotic Car Tours.

Club Sportiva
521 Charcot Ave Ste. 203
San Jose, CA 95131

1 866.719.1600