Carpet Cleaning for Pet Owners

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We specialize in the removal of pet odors and stains. With diligence and attention to detail we approach each job - whether severe pet stains or a spring clean - as if our reputation depended on it.

Removal of Pet Stains and Odors
Kitty Carpet is ready to tackle your pet stains, large and small. In general, pet odor can be eliminated one of two ways, depending on severity: 1) steam injections or 2) removing the padding, sealing the sub-floor, and treating the underside of the carpet. With these types of stains early detection and thorough cleansing is key. Each situation is different so call now and take immediate action to return your home to pleasant condition.

Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning, Area Rugs, and Upholstery
Soil is effectively removed from your carpet by IICRC certified technicians via high-powered hot water extraction machines using only the very best natural enzyme detergents.

Our service includes many 'extras' like pre-treating and deodorizing.