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What’s all this “buzz” (so to speak!) about Canna Energy? Did you think Canna Energy would get you high?


Canna Energy WILL NOT get you “high” and WILL NOT a cause a positive test for any illegal substances!

The first time I heard about hemp (its also called industrial hemp, or as we Hempsters like to say, iHemp), I assumed it would get me “buzzed”, or “high”. Well, THC is the stuff that gets you “high”, and iHemp won’t do that!

Although iHemp seed oil is one of the main ingredients in Canna Energy – it contains ZERO THC*!

We started CannaLife USA with the idea to uniquely re-introduce hemp to the US through an entire line of food products. Canna Energy is our first in a coming line of hemp foods and drinks.

iHemp was literally part of the fabric of what America was built upon. From food, to paper, to building materials, to energy, to clothes – iHemp can do it all. And Canna Energy is our gateway to the drug free benefits of iHemp!!

Canna Energy is a Zero THC* energy supplement infused with 50 mg of iHemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil contains 80% essential fatty acids (EFAs are those awesome Omega 3s & 6s).

So try a Canna Energy and let us know what you think!

*We test Canna Energy to 3 parts per million and show ZERO THC!