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Community Objectives:

       Develop & refine an educational series that best serves to share learning projects in community health and case management based upon the latest evidence based medicine.

       Increase public awareness of health and wellness by incorporating the use of best practice.

       Evaluate and expand the range of  community learning projects to address health disparities, increase preventative screenings and address cultural competencies addressing public health concerns.

Case Management/Care Coordination Objectives:

Case Manager Consultant: performing in-home assessments, developing and coordinating care plans, telephonic follow-up, providing support, and educational resources.

       1 on 1 support of patients with condition education, medication reviews and connections to community resources

       Coach patients on treatment alternatives to assist them in decision making

       Identify problems or gaps in care offering opportunity for intervention

       Educate and empower to make informed health care decisions

       Assess needs and facilitate coordination of care for all health care transitions

       Engage patients in their healthcare goals and promote self-reliance

       Inspire and motivate adherence to health and wellness measures

       Identify and educate regarding potential complications/interactions/side effects related to multiple medication use

       Reduction/prevention of avoidable hospitalizations, readmissions and ER visits reducing associated healthcare costs.