Brighten Your Garden With Rhododendrons

Sat Apr 22, 2017
Los Altos Masonic Lodge
9 AM
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From 9 AM to 1 PM on Saturday April 22, the De Anza Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society will have a Rhododendron Plant Sale in the parking lot South of State Street, North of the Los Altos Masonic Lodge, which can be seen at 37.379831, -122.115721 on Google Maps.
Besides obtaining choice rhododendrons from Bay Laurel Nursery in Scotts Valley, there will be Vireya Series rhododendrons from Pacific Island Nursery.
Information on Vireya Series Rhododendrons can be seen at
Vireyas make superb container plants which are perfect for a small and patio gardens.
Coming from the tropics, vireyas can bloom several times a year. Every time I visited Bill Moynier’s garden, Narnia was in bloom. Asked him about that, and Bill Moynier said that Narnia and similar vireyas can be in bloom “thirteen months of the year”.
Christy Hartsell, who lives in Palo Alto and has a collection of over 500 vireya plants recommends that they should be grown in containers because if another Arctic Express comes, the vireyas can be moved to a protected area.
In San Francisco, vireyas can be seen at the San Francisco Botanical Garden and at the garden created by Peter Sullivan at St. John the Evangelist Church, 65 St. Marys Avenue, San Francisco.
At the Gardens at Lake Merritt in Oakland, besides seeing regular rhododendrons (including Maddenii Series rhododendrons and some of my Rhododendron occidentale discoveries) in the rhododendron garden, there is a special Vireya Garden.
Vireyas grow in the same habitat as orchids.
If one can grow orchids, one can also grow vireyas.
Please come to our Plant Sale and purchase outstanding rhododendrons.



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