Boswell's - CLOSED

1875 S Bascom Avenue, Ste 105, Campbell , CA
+1 408.371.4404
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Mon-Sun (12pm-2am)
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Located in the Pruneyard between the movie theaters and Campbell Coffee Society, the loveable dive bar, Boswells, is like a strange nexus of popcorn, coffee and booze. This place has been brining in Campbell's drunkest and wildest since the '70s with live cover bands that rock most nights and some awesomely heavy-handed bartenders. It's not uncommon to stroll up to this place and see loud, laughing folks pouring out of the tiny door for a smoke between live music sets, often for an audience of underage coffee drinkers sitting on the Coffee Society patio watching the drunken shenanigans that they can't even begin to understand.


Those who haven’t been to Boswell’s may have at least seen crowds of hipsters hanging out next to Camera 7. If they’re drinking lattes or working on a laptop, they belong to Coffee Society. If they’re smoking, talking loudly on a cell phone and in general lubricated, that’s the Boswell’s crowd. There’s nothing subtle about the Boswell’s experience, but it’s a pretty damn fun place to spend a night out. Tuesdays are still the crowning jewel, with karaoke that is as much about the packed-in crowd as the would-be vocalists and air-guitar riffers onstage.  Other nights, there’s live music. -- Metro Bars/Clubs, June 16-22, 2010

2009 BEST OF SILICON VALLEY Reader Survey Winner - First Place
Best Place to Make Someone Sing Karaoke Because They Lost a Bet

To some, Tuesday nights at Boswell's is a chance to release their inner Idol. To others, it's the best night to collect on ill-advised bets. Pluto is so still classified as a planet! John Denver was so a sniper in Vietnam! I am definitely not sleeping with that jackass again. Oh yeah? Wanna bet? âCause you will so be rockin' the Tuesday-night regulars to the song of our choosing. And yes, it will be I Touch Myself. Again. (SP)

Boswell’s is the quintessential local bar in Campbell, even though it’s located inside the Pruneyard shopping center, that hasn’t lost any of its old school charm—or pricing structure—from its heyday in the, now painfully resurgent, ‘70s and ‘80s. You can catch cover band live music at Boswell’s starting on Wednesdays and stretching right through the weekend because nothing goes so well with cheap whiskey and beer like some wannabe rockstar belting out tunes on their small stage. Seriously though, we’ve spent some great nights, and afternoons, drinking at this Campbell local bar—and even remember most of them.

2007 BEST OF SILICON VALLEY Reader Survey Winner
Honoree Best Live Music Club