Blowfish Sushi to Die For

355 Santana Row #1010, San Jose , CA
+1 408.345.3848
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Sushi, Asian Fusion. Blowfish Sushi to Die For is anything but a typical sushi restaurant. Unique and flavorful sushi combinations strive to redefine the traditional perception of the cuisine, fusing together uncommon flavors and clean, healthy ingredients. The swanky vibes of Santana Row mesh with pop-culture style and the daring Japanese cuisine to create an atmosphere that’s lively, trendy and maybe even a tad overwhelming – just don’t go there expecting a quiet dinner.


Blowfish Sushi To Die For doesn't seem like a typical sushi restaurant. Patrons dine ensconced in sleek style with psychedelic anime accents, pleasing their palates with some of the most unique and flavorful sushi combinations around. After, or in lieu of, dining, the oh-so-trendy crowd lingers sipping deceptively potent designer cocktails while enjoying the other half of this establishment's personality: swanky Santana Row lounge.


Only at some sleek and sassy place like Santana Row will you find a sushi bar that doubles as a sleek and sassy nightspot. Blowfish rocks an über-trendy, well-dressed crowd and an atmosphere that borders on schizophrenic; the walls are dotted with TVs showing various psychedelic, seizure-inducing anime and random light displays. The sushi here is awesome, plain and simple, and the creative cocktails are strong enough to convince even the biggest wuss that daring to order the namesake fish would be a good idea if it were an option.


Metro readers know what they like when it comes to raw fish. They want big and brash rolls, exotic appetizers and fat slabs of sashimi backed by flowing sake bombs. Blow Fish Sushi is high-end sushi dressed up with a nonstop soundtrack, TVs running anime at top volume and creative cocktails. On weekend nights the tables aside for deep lounge house and electronic music. There's not a lot of dancing, but it's a great spot to chill in a lounge setting. 

2009 BEST OF SILICON VALLEY Reader Survey Winner - Second Place
Best Japanese

2009 BEST OF SILICON VALLEY Reader Survey Winner - First Place
Best Sushi

2008 BEST OF SILICON VALLEY Reader Survey Winner - Second Place
Best Sushi

2007 BEST OF SILICON VALLEY Reader Survey Winner - Second Place
Best Sushi