Bissap Baobab Village

3372-3386 19th Street, San Francisco , CA
+1 415.826.9287
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Mon-Sun (5pm-10pm)


Bissap Baobab Village embraces two distinct “huts” in San Francisco’s popular and international Mission District. 

Baobab Village expresses the vision of founder Marco Senghor, born and raised in Dakar, educated there and in Paris.  His deep knowledge and appreciation of French West African culture, food and music infuses the enticing ambiance of his establishments.  

Each “hut” has its own character but the two work in unison to create a sense of teranga, which can be translated from Wolof, the primary language of Senegal, to mean “hospitality,” This is where the best part of the meal is saved for the guests, neighbors take care of one another, and you are accepted for who you are. 

As restaurant owner, social entrepreneur, and a dedicated community member, Marco has instilled teranga into Baobab Village, transforming 19th & Mission into a multi–cultural enclave. One can truly experience the diversity of San Francisco by visiting any one of the two “huts.” 

•Bissap Baobab Village is composed of Little Baobab & Bissap both serving Senegalese cuisine, Afro-Caribbean food and artisan cocktails from 5pm – 10pm

•Little Baobab transforms into a West African Dancehall from 10pm – 2am. 

•Bissap hosts regular international dance & music performances from 8pm – 2am