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Formerly known as Bay Area Body Wraps of Los Altos, Bay Area Health Spa is more than just a pampering destination offering routine feel-good services. Committed to offering the finest in beauty, health and wellness services, these Bay Area wellness centers are located in San Jose and Los Altos, each one offering clients the chance to indulge in the latest innovative spa treatments.

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As seen in San Jose magazine-BEST Body Wrap in Santa Clara County.
As seen on The View from the Bay, The Tyra Banks Show, Inside Edition and on Montel Williams.

Primarily, the Bay Area Health Spa is the place to go for the renowned product, The Body Wrap, that has been making headlines nationwide since its debut. The Body Wrap is a unique method that helps to visually slenderize and contour the body shape, reducing inches and visibly tightening skin in just 60 minutes. This healthy and relaxing approach to improving body shape is not unhealthy for the skin; conversely, the minerals in the wrap have been known to soften skin as well as tone. These salons offering The Body Wrap in San Jose and Los Altos are fully staffed with trained professionals who will work with clients to help them achieve their desired results with each wrapping session.

In addition to The Body Wrap, Bay Area Health Spas in Los Altos and San Jose offers an array of spa wellness treatments. On their indulgent menu are treatments such as the Jade Facial, a non-surgical facial or body treatment that erases fine lines & wrinkles, reduces scars, improves tone and more; Colon Hydrotherapy (also known as a colonic, a colon cleansing, a high enema or a colon irrigation); the Ionic Foot Cleanse, which detoxifies and balances the body; and the Face Taping Facial Wrap, a non-invasive procedure that helps to reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines, as well as to accent the cheekbones, lift the eyebrows and lift the jaw line.

Also offered are two unique treatments consisting of infrared therapy. The FAR Infrared (FIR) Sauna looks and feels like a traditional sauna, but unique infrared technology helps the heat to penetrate several inches deep into muscles and joints, increasing the bodies metabolism and allowing body cells to eliminate toxins more easily in the sweat. These FIR sauna treatments not only tremendously reenergize the body; they provide deep detoxification, weight control, cardiovascular health and immune system fortification. The state-of-the-art Sudatonic Infrared Body Treatments are like body wraps combined with FIR ray technology that can help a client to reduce cellulite, lose inches of the waistline and thighs, invigorate the body, relieve pain, strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase circulation, lose up to five pounds and more.

The Bay Area Health Spas in San Jose and Los Altos also feature a large selection of natural supplements, anti-aging products and Nature’s Sunshine products. Furthermore, they feature unique products like the herbal colon cleansing kits, herbal internal cleansing kits and the “It’s All You” bra, which helps to return misplaced tissue from the underarms and midriff to the bust, contouring the bust line and helping the body to reclaim its natural position.