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Arousing Biophilia Art Exhibition

Event has passed (Fri Mar 2, 2018 - Sun Apr 22, 2018)
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Arousing Biophilia, a contemporary art exhibition will be held at the Art Ark Gallery from March 2 - April 22 with an opening reception and artist talk Friday March 2 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. Featuring 12 international artists, the new exhibition seeks to evoke deeper exploration of our natural world, acts of altruism and environmental stewardship by bringing the wonder of nature and the environment back into focus.

As our culture becomes more urbanized, humans have become increasingly disconnected from the forces and elements of nature, a condition that not only impacts our planet but also the health of its inhabitants. Research and studies have shown that being in nature yields measurable mental and physical benefits. “Art has a unique ability to help people envision new and innovative ways to observe nature. It stimulates and raises our environmental awareness by inviting us to consider our surroundings not so much as a backdrop but rather as a vital part of our existence,” says Shannon Amidon, Artist and Exhibit Curator.

Arousing Biophilia brings together the work of 12 talented international artists and in this time of social, environmental and political upheaval offers viewers a moment of contemplation and introspection.

The artists featured in Arousing Biophilia are fascinated with exploring, investigating, and conserving nature. Their artwork explores a variety of topics including life cycles, entomology, ecosystems, botany, organisms, mycology, biodiversity, and the relationship between humans and the environment.

Arousing Biophilia will also include corresponding programing that will all be free and open to the public including an artist talk, “Saving the Earth by Changing Art” lecture, environmental resource information and will conclude with an earth day event that will feature Veggielution urban community farm, free environmental art workshops and demos for children and adults. The exhibition and corresponding programing is supported in part by a grant from the San Jose Awesome Foundation.

Featured Artists: Shannon Amidon - Liam Blackwell - Cheryl Coon - Michele Guieu -Melinda Hurst Frye - Pantea Karimi - Carrie Lederer - Cynthia O'Brien -Michael Pisano - Estraven Lupino-Smith -Demetra Theofanous - Alexis Williams

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