Anderson's Swim School

541 Oceana Blvd., Pacifica , CA
+1 650.355.3050
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Swimming, Sports & Recreation
Mon-Fri (12pm-7pm)
Sat (10pm-5pm)
Sun (10pm-4pm)
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Since 1975, Anderson’s Swim School, has earned the reputation as one of the leading year round swim schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have taught thousands of children and adults to swim in our warm 90 degree indoor pool facility. We teach semi-private and private lessons. Our Award Winning Swim Program is based on our talented instructors who make learning fun and whose students progress quickly, develop good strokes and love aquatics What separates us from other programs are private swim lessons. All lessons are 30 minutes in length. Private lessons that are taught one on one, teacher and student in a non- parent participation program. Private lessons help minimize distractions and create a focused learning environment where learning is accelerated and personalized attention is at an optimal level. Depending on the student’s skill level, he or she will progress from the basics of feeling comfortable enough to put his/her face in the water all the way to advanced stroke technique. In an atmosphere of patience and fun, our instructors build each child's self-esteem through repeated success.Anderson's style of teaching keeps our kids swimming, smiling and safe in the water.