SCVAS Speaker Series:

An Evening of African Predators, Including Raptors

Wed May 15, 2019
Redwood Hall at The Terraces
7:00-9:30 PM
Environmental Organizations, Organizations


This year marks 41 years of leading African safaris for Doug Cheeseman since 1978. Years ago Doug was shooting 200 rolls of film every safari to document the exciting behaviors of predator/prey action and the amazing diversity of predators and their prey. Here at home we see dogs chasing cats and cats chasing birds, but in Africa it's a whole different world with cats chasing dogs, eagles chasing mammals, reptiles drowning equids, and much more. This past year Doug and his wife, Gail, led three safaris to East Africa and marveled at all the new behaviors they witnessed, especially interactions among predators who come up with new techniques of survival as they adapt to ever-changing conditions. This evening we invite you to a night of exciting safari action full of the enthusiasm that Doug is famous for delivering. For more information, go to

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