Gallerie Citi presents—

Alyson Belcher & William Stanisich

—two-person exhibition

Event has passed (Sat Jun 22, 2013 - Fri Aug 9, 2013)
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Alyson Belcher & William Stanisich —two-person exhibit

On any given day, Alyson Belcher can be seen hiking around the Bay Area with up to 20 cameras—each made from a tin can and loaded with a single piece of film—in her backpack. She creates images with low-tech, homemade cameras, because a camera with a primitive lens, or no lens, penetrates reality in unexpected ways, revealing what lies beneath the tangible world: its stories, memories, and hidden truths.

William Stanisich searches for the spiritual essence of light and the mysteries surrounding it. Whether the light is emanating from a speeding streetcar at dusk (Night Vision), pointing laser shards through a tangle of trees in San Francisco’s Presidio (Land’s End), or blanketing an undisturbed Greek island (Milos), Stanisich remains in hot pursuit. In this exhibit, which focuses on the artist’s beloved Greek island of Milos, we see blinding light penetrating deep waters, unmoving ancient stones eternally pummeled by crashing, glittering ocean waves, and cool stone caves draped with shadow.

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