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1190 Coleman Ave, San Jose , CA
+1 408.320.0230
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Medical Marijuana, Health & Wellness, Alternative Medicine
Mon-Sun (9am-9pm)
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Airfield Supply Company is a full service marijuana dispensary. Our boutique style retail store offers a wide selection of the finest cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles, and clones. We strive to provide a retail experience that excels with quality and professionalism.

Airfield Supply Co. (formerly South Bay Healing Center) was created to provide medical marijuana patients with the highest quality cannabis products available in a stress free setting.  Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about the marijuana plant and products that we offer. They are well trained to provide excellent recommendations for any ailment or situation. Whether you are looking for pure THC products or CBD rich options, Airfield Supply Co. offers a wide selection of everything marijuana. We encourage our guests to ask questions and utilize our collective knowledge base to select the best cannabis product for your particular needs.

Feel free to enjoy the view of our marijuana nursery when checking in at the font desk. At Airfield Supply Co., we have an on-site cannabis grow. From the lobby, you can observe our mother plants and clones as our expert growers tend to the cannabis plants. Some of these clones are available for sale on our dispensary sales floor while a majority of them will be sent upstairs to our flower rooms. Eight to twelve weeks after being transplanted upstairs, we harvest the large marijuana colas and send them to the processing department where they are dried, cured, and trimmed. After trimming, the manicured cannabis is sent to our retail department, offering our customers the freshest indoor marijuana available on the market.

Smaller buds and byproduct are extracted to provide a wide variety of concentrates.  On our cannabis concentrate menu, you will find kief, cold water hash, wax, budder, shatter, live resin, sap, and distillate to name a few. Whether you want to fortify your joint, make your own edibles, vaporize, or dab, Airfield Supply Co. has you covered. High is a place at Airfield, prepare for take-off!

Located on Coleman Avenue, near San Jose Airport, our knowledgeable staff will make your marijuana retail experience comfortable and convenient.

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C1-00000514-LIC / C11-0000918-LIC Must be 21 and over