Active Mind & Body Vitality Center LLC

16060 Monterey St, Morgan Hill , CA
+1 408.778.5090
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Education, Health & Wellness, Alternative Medicine
Mon-Tue (10am-7pm)
Wed (closed)
Thu-Sat (10am-7pm)
Sun (closed)


Active Mind and Body Vitality Center is a local medical company created by Kenneth Pomar Rebong that successfully treats people from the inside out. Our center in Morgan Hill takes a unique and different approach to bringing out both the inner and outer beauty of each of our clients. Our total package of wellness and beauty needs will take you into the next year and far beyond with a look and a positive balanced attitude that will change your life.

We address the specific needs of each client to bring about desired results. Our range of services is individually applied for your needs by providing Biomedical Based and Alternative Medicine, Anti-aging, Hormone Therapy, and Weight Loss treatments.

Our philosophy is to take the time to understand each client's unique needs and lifestyle to create a custom treatment plan for them.