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At Ace Academics, we're all about self-expression.  After all, that's the way we get to know people and become known by others.  It's important to understand what you see and hear.  It's also essential to be able to communicate what you've learned and what you think in ways that are clear, well-organized, and effective.  Our mission at Ace Academics is to develop and support excellent thinking, speaking, and writing skills in elementary, middle, and high school students; to enhance academic performance by fortifying  language arts basics; and to encourage the effective self-expression skills necessary to demonstrate mastery.  Our grade-level programs are designed to demystify the art of the written and  spoken word in order for you to Express Yourself! with confidence. 

Students in all grade levels are expected to become proficient in four types of writing: narrative, expository, persuasive, and responding to literature.  Narrative writing (also called descriptive writing) takes the form of stories, biographies, and autobiographies.  Expository writing (also called explanatory or summary writing) is represented by analytical essays and research papers.  Persuasive writing is meant to present and defend a claim.  Responding to literature is a form of persuasive writing in which a thesis is presented for consideration and supported by detail from the text.
Writing tasks differ at each grade level.  Younger students learn to express their ideas clearly and attend to paragraph structure.  Upper elementary level students begin to craft multi-paragraph essays and provide supporting detail for well-developed topics.  Middle and high school students master more complex and in-depth papers, writing at length on a particular topic and citing their sources carefully.