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10265 Bret Ave, Cupertino , CA
+1 4087258535
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Family, Day Care & Baby Sitting
Mon-Fri (8am-5:30pm)
Sat-Sun (Closed)
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Trust and traditional Excellence since 1989

We take pride on our services. Child's nutrition and development  is part of
our core services. We welcome newborns up to age 5.

We ensure to provide a consistent schedule emphasizing the following::
        Social skills
        Child basic skills numbers, art and reading
        Balance Nutrition
Social Skills - Nice children make nice people. We believe in encouraging
good behavior, courtesy and the words "please" and "thank you" become
part of our vocabulary.

Basic Skills -Children spend a great deal of time at day care on a weekly
basis, so it is important to contribute to their development. The first three
years are often refer to as the critical years, and it is a must to teach
important social skills. Also stimulate their creativity and introduce them to
basic skills such as numbers, art  and the alphabet.

Balance Nutrition - We provide a balance meal avoiding junk food. Proper
nutrition not only aids to their development, but also contribute to develop
good eating habits.