58 Tahema

58 Tahema Street, San Francisco , CA
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Hey boys and girls, this is your friendly booker at 58 tehama, here to tell you about some changes being made at the space.

1> In an attempt to make the space a little more living friendly, we have decided to limit shows to one a month, two in special situations. They will continue, but this will allow us to make some much needed improvements, as well as ensure the quality of the space for everyone.

2> We really want to diversify our audience. This doesn't mean we're going to stop doing loud rock shows, but we're really interested in booking more pop, jazz, country, hip hop, folk, etc. So, if you are in a band that wants to play here, but worry that your sound does not fit into what we normally book, stop worrying. Send us messages, emails, demos, postcards, bribes (monetary or baked), roadkill, etc. We want you to play here. If you are in a hardcore/ punk/ metal band, send us the same, we're not abandoning you.