The Finns are coming to Silicon Valley, and we don’t just mean the gawky quarterback/singer from Glee (though he seems to be coming too).

Finnish company Nokia, the world’s largest manufacturer of cell phones, is said to be considering a move to Silicon Valley for its executive team. The process is said to be part of a larger “de-Finnistration” project underway under CEO Stephen Elop, which may include replacing over half the company’s board—the Finnish half, that is.

A Canadian citizen, Elop is the company’s first non-Finnish CEO. He is a veteran of Microsoft, Adobe, and Juniper, so should feel more at home in California than in frigid Espoo or Tampere.

Nokia has recently seen a drop in its market share, from 40 percent of worldwide sales to just 31 percent. By relocating the company’s virtual headquarters to Sunnyvale’s Town Center, Elop will be better positioned to keep an eye on his rivals, including Apple and Google.
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