Taking the train to work has just gotten easier for people in San Jose. The Valley Transportation Authority has launched a new fleet of light rail commuter express trains, which will run more quickly, have fewer stops, and add a few much-needed bonuses for people heading to and from work.

For many, the best news is the speed. As they run down the Highway 87 median, simply by cutting out stops they can cut six to eight minutes off the commute from South San Jose to downtown and back. Passengers may have less naptime on board, but they can take advantage of the WiFi access that features on specially marked cars with “WiFi on board” stickers.

The new trains will operate at peak commuter times, with three weekday express trains leaving Santa Teresa Station at half hour intervals, starting at 7:16 am. On the way home, three trains will leave Baypointe station at half-hour intervals, starting at 4:07.

The new trains, painted blue and orange and clearly marked “Express,” are the first major innovation that the VTA has made to the system in 23 years.
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