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More than "Just Service"
Prior to becoming a DJ - Jeff taught Dance and Guitar & worked 4 years as a banquet supervisor for Hilton Hotels. Since 1986 Jeff has spent countless hours perfecting his "art". “This is my career - not a weekend record party”. Years of experience, and genuine talent give him the ability to do more than just play a few CD's. Considerable time & investment has been spent developing more options and flexibility. He has much more to offer than the average DJ. After entertaining over 3,500 events he's not challenged by special themes, special needs or spontaneous situations. ~~~~~~~ This makes DJ-Jeff unique ~~~~~~~

Planning before your celebration.
Remember - Music requests are only part of what Jeff does! A free no-obligation consultation comes with his services. During this consultation you can see exactly what he provides. Check out his Demo-Video. This video footage is from past events and was given to him by clients. See examples of the flexibilities & talents he provides. It's an honest & precise example of what he offers. A consultation is about leaving no stone unturned. He talks about your goals, wishes and dreams. And, understands exactly how to fold his talents, experience, equipment & services into the customized celebration you are looking for.
. . . Here's an example:
"if Jeff were a caterer you could choose from 500 buffets".
. . . Plus,
Your party will be a success before it starts & you'll have it in writing.

When this consultation is over you will have a written map of what you want. And, Yes - Please Do Ask!!!! Clients often look to Jeff's suggestions and expertise in itinerary, themes, coordinating, room diagrams, references & party planning tips.

When it comes to the music. For Jeff, that's the easy part. Over 60,000 songs are stored in a secure place. All CD's have been recorded on multiple computer hard drives. Jeff provides music by computer. 2 computers just in case one has a problem. And, Jeff has a battery back up. So, if there is a temporarily power outage NO PROBLEM!!!! The battery stops brief power outages from stopping the party. And, Jeff has generators too!!! So, weddings on the beach are even possible!!! (Oh, Yeah, if you want to bring your rare mix or special CD Jeff can play that too.)

During your event his flexibility is unlimited & tuned into your expectations. Having 60,000 songs is pointless if you don't have the knowledge and talent to play the right song at the right time. Jeff's past experience & thousands of events have given him the ability to provide music, which is entertaining, interactive and spontaneous. Your dance floor will be full! Your guests will have a great time! You'll get the music you wanted! And, Jeff will take your celebration to a desired level of excitement.

Jeff reaches far beyond just playing CD's to give you a more flexible service.
You can elect to have him handle the details of coordination and hosting at your event. It's easy for Jeff because of his experience and background. So, if you're looking for continuity, flow, flexibility or creativity - - - - - Jeff can't be beat. You can relax and have fun. Jeff is the cohesive glue that pulls your party together.

Jeff delivers the ultimate entertainment experience.
Whether it's "Laid back and letting the crowd set the pace:
- or - acting as "Master of Ceremonies"
- or - "Entertaining Spontaneously"
- or - providing "Interactive Entertainment"
. . . It's his job is to keep the music interactive,
interesting & fun.

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