The Blank Club Presents

The Sonic Heavy

Wed Dec 4, 2013
The Blank Club
Music, Rock


The Sonic Heavy has morphed into many forms, the latest of which is a band that includes a maniacal mountain bike rider, an over-stimulated football coach, an artist who works in Lego, and a rabid Sharks fan. What happens when you put us all in a room with a lot of loud instruments? Well, come to our shows and see the results!

We're heavily influenced by everything from late 60's/early 70's blues-rock to the grunge movement of the 90's, to Elvis, Oingo Boingo, and others. We wear our musical heritage on our sleeves, and strive to make music that is, above all, real, sincere, honest and on our terms… No one else's. It's meant to give listeners a world in which to reside, relate, and rock, if only for three minutes fifteen seconds.

Suggested use is at the forefront of the moment, or as background din, preferably ingested using a righteous sound system, however is just as enjoyable through headphones. Goes well with red wine and swine, dig?



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